mcpSpy cellphone info

Call Logs

"My Cell Phone Spy" provides you with a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • The time a call is placed or received.
  • Call duration.
  • The number of calls made.
  • The name or number of any caller
    (provided it is saved in the device’s address book).
  • Call Logs without jailbreaking an iOS device.

"Why will you find this feature useful?

Sometimes knowing whom your children or employees are talking to can prevent unwanted trouble from occurring. Schoolmate bullying or employee data leakage are but a few real-world scenarios where having this feature would certainly come in handy.

All call logs are neatly organized into your Control Panel for you to access at any time.

Your child may be the victim of bullying and you don’t even know it. Your employee may be sharing company data with your competitors and you may be blissfully unaware. In instances such as these, "My Cell Phone Spy"’s Incoming Call Restriction feature is shown to be extremely useful.