mcpSpy cellphone info

Keyword alerts

Keyword tracking feature instantly informs you when it encounters a keyword/phrase in recorded data logs of a target device.
When "My Cell Phone Spy" detects the keyword typed in a web address, text message, email, instant messenger or elsewhere, an alert is reported & e-mailed to you.

  • Get immediate alerts on the specified keywords/phrase
  • See all the contents with dangerous words/phrase
  • Access complete info from your "My Cell Phone Spy" Control Panel any time, any place

Keywords can be different (e.g. pregnant, porn, sexual assault, violence etc.). No keyword alerts are specified when you set up "My Cell Phone Spy" for the first time. You need to define words/phrases, and "My Cell Phone Spy" will scan for them in newly-recorded logs.

Why will you find this feature useful?

Our kids belong to the internet generation and it’s no wonder they adore roaming online. Parents have no other way out but to play the role of online traffic cop to at least try to keep their kids a little safer.

"My Cell Phone Spy" is a great alternative to peering over your kids’ shoulders trying to find out what exactly they do on their smartphones. Let your monitoring be unobtrusive; just install "My Cell Phone Spy" onto their mobile device and start checking what they do online, from a remote web account, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Use "My Cell Phone Spy" to keep an eye on danger-fraught content accessed by your children in the Web on their mobile devices. Turn Internet into a more kid-friendly and safe place! Not only will this improve the relationship with your children, it will help you detect any potential online threats.

Will this tracking feature help you protect your kids from all of the WWW junk? Of course not, but it is better than doing nothing. If you’re well informed about the content your kids are exposed to, you will find the way to solve the problem. As an extreme measure, you can always block the exact site/app on your kid’s phone using blocking options of the "My Cell Phone Spy" software."