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"My Cell Phone Spy"
Parental control for mobile


  • WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, location tracking & 25 more features
  • Compatible also with iOS
  • Easily accessible from any browser
  • Protects your kids or employees
  • 24/7 multi-language support
Track GPS Location
Make sure your underage kids are exactly where they said they are. Track their location with "My Cell Phone Spy"’s GPS locating feature.
Track Call History
Look through your kids call history and put an end to harassing calls from bullies.
Block Websites & Apps
Find out which websites your kids visit and block access to those you deem to be inappropriate.
Manage calls
View all calls made, received and even deleted on the monitored device.
Read SMS & Instant Messages
Monitor instant messaging conversations and verify whom your kids are really making friends with.
Get Access to Photos & Videos
Make sure your kids are not in possession of improper multimedia content. Check all photos and videos on their cell phone with this "My Cell Phone Spy" feature.
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Any parent of an underage child is concerned about their child being exposed to harmful online content like violence, porn, racism, etc. Sadly, the statistics say that despite this fact, many of them do not use parental control software to protect kids online.

Those who do prefer desktop software with Internet filters, but is it really enough? With the rise of smartphones, it’s getting far tougher to make sure your kids are safe online.

Cell phones are now offering email, Internet connection, instant messaging, so that children have much more options to communicate with one another. No wonder that parents have so many reasons for concern. Should you forbid them to use a smartphone? Or should you give them unlimited access to it? Say no to both questions. A reasonable compromise does exist and it’s called mobile parental control software.

The "My Cell Phone Spy" cell phone tracking solution helps you protect your kids against Internet threats, letting you monitor their mobile activity 24/7 from anywhere. Being perfect as parental control software, this mobile tracker shows their browsing history, call details, Phone Gallery, incoming and outgoing messages, GPS location, and much more.

Absenteeism in school, bullying, dangerous contacts, drug or alcohol addiction, and even damaged reputation as a result of inappropriate posts in social media are the most common concerns for parents these days. The use of parental control software, like "My Cell Phone Spy", can help you as a responsible parent to eliminate worries of this kind. However, don’t think it will be easy. Such cell phone tracking software can give you the information you need, but the outcome will still depend on how you use this data. You won’t be able to protect your kids and keep their trust if you intervene directly upon finding they’re involved in something inappropriate or illegal. It can make the situation worse! Ideally, you should openly talk to your child and try to figure out the solution together.

Every parent needs to make responsible and age-appropriate decisions and be always on guard when it comes to their kids’ safety. Protect your kids with "My Cell Phone Spy" parental control software to prevent your kids’ smartphones from turning into a nightmare.